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Premarital Sex In The Philippines Research Paper

Premarital sexual intercourse and associated factors among

  • Proportion of adolescents who had premarital sex was 31.3%, 95% CI (27.3, 34.8). It was in line with the study from Bahir-Dar, 30.8% [ 10 ], Maichew, 29.3% [ 5 ], Gondar and Meteme, 31.9% [ 13 ]. But this study’s finding was lower than the study from Nepal, 36.5% [ 20 ].

  • SIMPLE DEFINITION: SEX – “intercourse between a woman & a man” PREMARITAL – “before marriage” Premarital sex is sexual activity practiced by persons who are unmarried or before marriage. Premarital sexuality is any sexual activity with an opposite sex partner or with a same sex partner before he/she has started a married life.

  • This research will show some ideas of the teenagers who has already committed to premarital sex. OBJECTIVES •To know the emotions they feel after having premarital sex. •To know if they consider relationship before engaging premarital sex •To be.


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